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Sean Lunnon, Founder
& Lead Trainer.


I always had a unique bond with dogs, even as a child. However, it was not until 2005 that I realized that I wanted to be able to understand why dogs did what they did, and how to help them have healthy and happy lives. The first time I realized I was doing it all wrong is when I watched the Dog Whisperer. After that I started learning more about dog's body language, and how they communicated. In 2008 I adopted Cindy and took her to a training class, where I quickly started working with the owners to help run the socialization and agility classes, and then my own basic obedience class. I adopted Apollo in 2009 and also around that time began to work with private customers and their dogs. I have also worked at doggy day cares, hiked 5 miles with 10+ off leash dogs a couple of times a week, and have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. It did not take me long to realize that helping people and their dogs is my passion.
Relocating to Southern Ca in 2011 gave me the opportunity to attend the 'Training Cesar's Way workshop' in April 2012, Chad Mackin's 'Pack to Basics Workshop' in April 2013. Most recently I became a ForceFree certified dog trainer after attending Marc Goldberg's 'ForceFree Method Workshop' in June 2013.

I will work with any type of dog, with any issue, including aggressive dogs. I enjoy learning something new from every family, and the challenges that each situation brings.

Nickname: Cindy Lou Who
Female: Border Collie/German Shepherd mix


I adopted Cindy in 2008 when she was a rambunctious two and a half years old. She came to me very uncertain of new experiences, new people, and most of all, any dog over 15 lbs. I took her to socialization classes, non-competition agility (her favorite), and trained with her every day. Today, it is as if that dog never existed. Now, she loves to meet new dogs and people, and helps me socialize other dogs. She still loves agility, fetch, and has added swimming to her list of enjoyed activities. She also enjoys learning new tricks, chasing birds, and stealing her brothers' toys as soon as they put them down. Cindy is now the kind of dog we can take anywhere, and she keeps getting better every day.

Nickname: Big Boy
Male: American Bulldog/Pitbull mix


I adopted Apollo from a rescue organization in Northern California in 2009 when he was 8 weeks old. He came right along with Cindy to socialization, and non-competition agility as soon as he was old enough. Around one year of age I started to notice a change in his behavior around smaller dogs, or overly excited or frustrated dogs. It has taken almost three years to find the right way to help him, but using the ForceFree Method, he has shown more improvement in the past 6 months, than in the last 2 years. Dealing with Apollo's sever insecurity is a continuous challenge. Since he grew up with Cindy, he trusts her completely, and gets along with her very well. We are currently working to build more trust between Apollo and our youngest dog, Cirq. It is a daily challenge, but Apollo's big goofy face and happy gallop makes it all worthwhile. Apollo loves to play fetch, pull his cart, sun-bathing by the pool, and a good controlled game of tug of war. He is also in the process of learning to swim.

Nickname: Rugrat
Male: Pitbull/Weimeraner mix


While out searching for an off leash dog in around our neighborhood in 2011, my wife came across a small brown six month old puppy in a cement drainage ditch. We brought him home, bathed the dirt out of him (at which point we found out he was gray, not brown) and gave him a warm bed. We decided that he was meant to be a part of our pack as it was only by chance my wife had been out searching for a different dog she had seen earlier that day. When we found Cirq, he was a very fearful dog, and did not do well in new situations. Cindy has helped him understand how to read another dog, and when he is about to push his luck a little too far. We also work with Cirq on a daily basis, and have seen remarkable improvements since we started using the ForceFree Method. Cirq loves to play fetch, swim, and play hide and seek with his stuffed duck. He has more energy than the rest of us put together, and is just as smart as his older sister.

Name: Toothless

Nickname: Goofy

Male: Blue Pit Bull


In November 2013 I received a call from my vet asking for help to place a pit bull puppy that had been relinquished to the vet by the owner. This puppy was only 8 weeks old, but had been bitten on the right side of his face by his doggy daddy. The bite damaged his skull around his eye so he looked a little bit like Sloth from the Goonies. I offered to take the pup and train it until a permanent home could be found. The day I picked him up from the vet I knew he was special. Cindy took to him faster than any other dog I had seen, and Toothless seemed to be quite comfortable around the bigger dogs, and really only wanted to play. At 3 months the pup was already 30 lbs so I knew he would be a big boy. I met with some people about adopting him, but I didn’t feel it was the right fit. By the end of December he had fit himself right into the pack, so I got him a nametag and made it official. Around the end of January I noticed when he yawned that he could not open his mouth much more than half an inch. After some X-rays we found that the right side of this jaw bone was fused, most likely from the bite he sustained a few months before. He needed immediate surgery, and no one was sure if they would be able to fix the issue, or if he would need to be put down while he was under anesthesia. The surgery lasted a few hours and was a complete success! When I got him home it was like a whole new world for little Toothless as he ran around the back yard trying to pick up large branches and rocks. His big happy grin and dopey face was more than enough of a thank you than I needed. Besides the scar on the side of his face, you would never know there had been any issue. Toothless is excelling at his obedience (both on and off leash), and I can see being able to take him to consultations at some point in the near future. He is now a happy 8 month old, 70 lbs pup, and has become a very important member of my pack.

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