The ForceFree Method

The ForceFree Method™ is a technique that has been refined by past IACP President, Marc Goldberg, over the past few years. “The ForceFree Method is an intuitive system of training that makes sense to both people and dogs. Effective and gentle, the training method works WITH the dog’s instincts rather than against them. We achieve off leash reliability, even with distractions, amazingly fast. Most dogs perceive the training as simple "pack cooperation" and play. Therefore, they quickly shed rebellious behavior, and give you more focus than you imagined possible.” Marc Goldberg (, past IACP President.


This fantastic method of training is effective, easy, and will improve your dog’s mood right in front of your eyes. It will quickly increase your dog’s Pack Drive, and get them looking to you for guidance when they become unsure. This method also works wonders for behavior issues from jumping and digging, to resource guarding and aggression.


The ForceFree Method uses low level remote collar markers combined with crystal clear body language to create Pack Drive. This method involves you and one dog performing a series of training techniques that is defined as a Pack Walk. During the Pack Walk, you and your dog will learn to move through the same space and naturally know where the other one is. We will ask that the dog is aware of your presence (checks in routinely), but you will determine where you both go, how fast you get there, and what distractions you react to. We will demonstrate this technique, and show you how to obtain a loose leash walk with your dog in minutes.


ForceFree Method FAQ's


  • Will it hurt my Dog? – Absolutely not! We use low level remote collar markers possible combined with crystal clear body language which means that the dog learns how to respond to the collar at the lowest possible level.  In fact, most people do not even feel the stimulation at the level their dog works on.  Because this method is so intuitive for the dog they think the training is a game, and so what you see is a happy go-lucky dog who thinks this is the best thing ever. Check out the video below to see for yourself.  I have never seen any negative effects from the use of the ForceFree Method.  The name says it all.  


  • Will my dog always have to wear the remote collar? – The best part the ForceFree technique is that it is designed to create a bond between you and your dog where most owners won’t need to rely on it at all at some point. However, it is always nice to know that if you and your family decide to go on a camping trip that you can take the remote and collar out of the drawer, and feel safe in knowing that your dog will not run off and get hurt, or get into trouble. 

This is Bling! An 8 month old Portuguese Waterdog who after just a few weeks of training using the ForceFree Method is so connected with her owners that she is now following right along with them in a huge open field, without needing to hold onto her leash at all! You can see how happy Bling is and that she is choosing to stay with her owner, despite the sights and sounds of children playing nearby.  Even at such a young age, Bling has learned how to follow her pack off leash, under high distractions, and without any harsh corrections or intimidation.  Thats the power of the ForceFree Method.

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