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At A Breed Apart Dog Training we understand how unpleasant life can be living with an out of control dog.  Dealing with things like leash pulling, anxiety, peeing in the house, exessive barking, hyperactivity, or aggression can push anyone to their limits.  The good news is that you and your dog can be happier in your relationship, and I can help make that a reality.


Unclear communication can cause anxiety, tension, and frustration for everyone in the home.  With A Breed Apart Dog Training you will learn how to improve the communication between you and your dog, which will result in a stronger and more fulfilling relationship for you both.  Using the dog's natural Pack Drive, I will show you how you can have a happy dog that WANTS to work with you, not against you.  A DREAM come true!

Plus I offer a Lifetime Training Guarantee with my training programs!  All the help you need for the life of your dog for one flat fee.

Veterinary Testimonial

"Sean Lunnon is dedicated to understanding dogs and curbing unwanted behavior to make sure canine companions and their owners have a beautifulunderstanding and relationship.  One of our clinets was even lucky enough to catch them at our office and Sean provided excellent advice in dog handling and training.  Sean will help you understand more about your canine companion and give you confidence in handling and communicating with your canine friend.  We refer our clients to Sean with great confidence."


Dr. Chi-Yen Chen, D.V.M., M.P.H.

Arc Animal Hospital

17831 Colima Road

Rowland Heights, CA. 91748

(626) 581-0100


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The Amazing ForceFree Method

One of the most gentle and effective dog training methods out there today! The ForceFree Method is designed to quickly cure all types of issues from chewing, digging, counter surfing, and leash pulling to more serious behaviors such as anxiety, fear, and aggression.  This method so simple and intuitive that it creates a strong bond between you and your dog that you will be able to see in just MINUTES!  Not only that, but through the ForceFree Method your dog instinctively learns an amazing recall and off leash training.  Sounds too good to be true, check it out for yourself below.  

This is Bling! An 8 month old Portuguese Waterdog who after just a few weeks of training using the ForceFree Method is so connected with her owners that she is now following right along with them in a huge open field, without needing to hold onto her leash at all! You can see how happy Bling is and that she is choosing to stay with her owner, despite the sights and sounds of children playing nearby.  Even at such a young age, Bling has learned how to follow her pack off leash, under high distractions, and without any harsh corrections or intimidation.  Thats the power of the ForceFree Method!  

Client Expectations

Me and "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan at his California training camp

First and foremost you can expect that I will put the happiness and wellbeing of you and your dog above all else.  You can expect that I will listen to your story, and be understanding of your situation and your feelings.  I will explain all the training techniques as many times as you need to become comfortable with them, and answer and questions you have.  I work closely with every family to customize their experience to exactly what they need to meet their goals, and stick with them the whole way.


My training programs work great for dogs of any age, breed, and any issue.  While training with A Breed Apart Dog Training, you will learn gentle and effective techniques that are guaranteed to help you address nuisance behaviors such as jumping, digging, and leash pulling, to more serious behavior issues such as fear, separation anxiety, prey drive, and aggression.  I will also teach you to read your dog's body language, relieve their stress (and yours), and how to build a better relationship with your dog that you may have only dreamed of.


Helping your dog achieve a balanced state of mind involves providing them with both mental and physical stimulation, as well as compassionate and consistent leadership.  My programs cover it all!


Using fun activities and games I will show you how to engage your dog's natural Pack Drive, which is their natural instinct to follow and cooperate with their pack leader.  Once you have engaged your dog's Pack Drive you will see an immediate increase in their level of focus on you.  They will look to you for guidance and instruction, and be ready to follow you at a moment's notice. 


Sound too good to be true?  After just one session with A Breed Apart Dog Training you will believe that you can have that dream dog that everyone wants.  I can show you how you can have the dog that you can take anywhere you go, be rest assured that they will listen to you, and know that you can handle any situation you might come across. 


I am so confident that you will be happy with the training that I offer a  Lifetime Training Guarantee with my training programs.


Start building a better relationship with your dog today.  

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