What's the Dog of Your Dreams?

No matter what your Dream Dog is, I have a program that can make that dream a reality.

I will show you techniques to increase your dog's Pack Drive (their natural desire to follow and collaborate with the leader), and create a relationship where you dog wants to work along side you, instead of working for himself.


I have extensive training in multiple techniques that are designed to strengthen your relationsihp with your dog in just a few minutes, with no harsh corrections or intimidation.  I will explain the right and wrong ways to use every tool so that nothing we do will hurt your dog or make them scared.  

Free phone consultation to review your dog’s story and together we’ll customize a package to get you started on the path to the

Dog of Your Dreams.

In Home Training or Board and Train: Which one is right for me?

The first thing to say is that both types of training are effective, with the right trainer.


With the in home training program you get to be there to teach your dog everything in their environment and get to see how happy they will be when they learn something for the first time.  You will be there to help them through their mistakes and celebrate every success. You and your dog will learn to communicate, and learn more about each other than you though possible in just a few weeks.  All of my training programs include personal instruction and follow up support so you can continue to build an amazing relation with your dog.  While this process requires a commitment of time to work with your dog, through this process you will create an unbelievable bond with your pup that most people only dream of.  


With the board and train program your dog can learn more in a shorter period of time, and I do all the work.  By training the dog outside the home you remove them from the environment where they learned the unwanted behaviors, which makes it easier for the dog to learn the correct behaviors.  I start the training in low level distraction areas and work up to higher levels of distraction, which means a high level of reliability and success.  In addition to that, having an experienced trainer there 24/7 during this critical learning period means that any mistakes the dog makes can be corrected quickly and gently.  Every board and train program comes with in-home instruction and follow up support so all of the skills and proper behaviors the dog learned will easily transfer to you and your home.   You get to enjoy the benefits of a well behaved dog, without having to do the groundwork.  Then you and your dog continue to build an unbelievable bond that most people only dream of.


In the end, the right program is the one that best fits for your families’ needs.  Every program can be customized to meet your goals, and come with follow-up assistance. Regardless of the program you choose, you will love to see how happy your dog is when they are learning, and working by your side.  

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Downloadable Brochure
A Breed Apart Programs and Pricing.pdf
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